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Welcome to We Art Friends where you can sense the essence of the modern digital media landscape. Showcase your work in a professional and fun way of 3D modeling with us. We provide a thrilling and rewarding platform for artistic self-expression. Bring your unique and virtual ideas to life!

Polygonal Modeling

We offer Polygonal Modeling at We Art Friends as this is the most common type used worldwide. It consists of manipulating polygons such as triangles of quads, and creating 3D Models through it by defining the object’s web.


We introduce traditional sculpting methods into our digital world. Our expert Artists use online tools to shape a digital surface by creating highly detailed 3D models, such as characters. Our artists also provide hand-surface modeling using different virtual advanced tools.

Procedurally Generated Models

Our pro artists create 3D Models algorithmically using already-defined parameters. We create complex structures that too on a large scale, such as for video games, movies, CFX, and simulations.

3 Dimensional Models

Get Content, Get Inspired, Get Creative

We provide you with a digital art library of 3D Models that will showcase our brilliant work of collection and artistry. We bring life to your ideas by creating them into 3-dimensional models. We take pride in our work as we offer the best collaboration of 3D modeling.

We provide detailed procedures for your 3D Models through Conceptualization, Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering & processing. The actual blueprint we provide may differ according to your specific project requirement, software, or artistic preference. We offer different types of 3D Modeling at We Art Friends.