Professional 3D Character Design Services

Do you want to push the story forward? Let us jump into the game and play together. We are a team of designers offering 3D character design services, enabling you not only to play but win the game. Today, multiple graphic designing companies offer 3D character modeling solutions, but we are the best ones who can smartly make your players stand out.

Why do you need 3D Character Modeling Services?

First, 3D character modeling services from a third party increase your revenue by eliminating the expense of an in-house team from your business income. Besides wasting money on designing, editing, shading, lighting, structuring, and remodeling, you can get a package from an outsourced 3D character designer. Secondly, you can get hyper-realistic 3D character designs with outstanding lighting algorithms. Most prominently, expert designers can equip you with enticing models that precisely reflect your ideas and conceptions.

3D Character Design Services

Types of 3D Character Modeling Services we offer

Whether gaming, manufacturing, entertainment, advertising, or architecture companies, all can benefit from the range of our 3D character design services. These include Ultra-Realistic Digital Double and 3D Character Modeling Services, Semi-Realistic background 3D Character Modeling Services, Stylized 3D Character Modeling Services, 3D Creature Modeling Services, and Cartoony 3D Character Modeling Services. Whatever you request, we integrate versatility and creativity in all designs using technologies and innovations. You can ask for free samples to check the quality of the 3D characters we have delivered to our clients.


Our Expertise in 3D Character Modeling

Our 3D character designers create lifelike models for films and video games, leveraging their unmatchable expertise. Our experience in modeling, texturing, UV mapping, and digital sculpting makes our designs fascinating. Furthermore, we see designs from all angles, making it your game’s hallmark with exceptional structures, silhouettes, shading, and lighting. We have strong roots in skeletal structures, anatomy proportions, and muscle design. Above all, you can hire us for special 3D character design services, including photography or concept art.

Our 3D Character Designing Pipeline

Our team strives to create unparalleled designs with a complete focus on your target audience. Well, we didn’t have a well-defined working plan when we started our company. But as time evolved, we polished our skills and learned many things, gaining valuable experience. Today, we follow a clear pipeline to design a fabulous, sharp 3D character.

Custom 3D Character

Each character design we create is a completely unique masterpiece. Because we strongly believe in distinctions.

Character Rendering

The way we design a character is our unique art form. We keenly observe the desire and final character design.

Character Animation

Our 3D Character Modeling Services tell stories & transfers your message to your audience effectively.

Character Modeling

The foundation of every ideal character is only in reality by using our 3D Character Modeling Services.

Our Portfolio

Launch a Game With Pro-Level 3D Character Models!

Good Skin, Cool Outfits, Modern Hair & Silky Fur. Have photorealistic 3D characters with AAA quality! We design human-like characters with good looks, delicacy, overloaded cuteness, distinctive skins, and cultured dressings with detailed, integrated technical features. Request a quote for stylized characters tailored to your genre! Let our cartoon and comic book 3D character models bring your project to the sky-heights, gaining popularity among your target audience!

3D Character Design Services

What Makes We Art Friends The #1 Option for 3D Character Design Services

We Art Friends is the leading graphic designing company offering high-quality 3D character modeling solutions to diverse industries. Our pro designers are experienced in crafting all characters, including 3D stylized creatures, cartoon-styled characters, and hard-surface 3D robots.

We offer services on a cost-effective budget and deliver characters within the shortest duration, depending on your charter features and specifications.

Furthermore, we use modern 3D character modeling software, including Maya, Unity, Unreal, Substance Painter, and ZBrush. Integration of this software enables us to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our team collaboration is vital; therefore, we always come up with unique ideas and distinctive features. You can reach our customer support any time of day or night since we remain open 24/7 to solve your problems promptly. So, take a step to save time and money!

3D Character Design Services

Our Clients’ Words

Since our emergence in the signing market, we have delivered hundreds and thousands of 3D character models to our customers. All were highly successful. In fact, our acceptance rate is 98% among our audience.

Jake Anderson

I used the 3D character design services of We Art Friends for my game. They provided me with high-quality models and weapon units integrating innovative features. Their team is incredible in crafting designs and projects.

Luke Davis

I was worried about the high rates of designers in the market. We Art Friends' experts equipped me with excellent 3D character designs within my desired budget. I highly recommend them for 3D design services!

3D Character Design Services

Frequently Ask Question

What 3D character designing strategies do you designers use?

Our designers use the following 3D character modeling strategies to meet your desires:

  • Blocking
  • Sculpting
  • UV mapping
  • Texturing
  • Retopology
  • Baking
What makes you the best option for 3D character modeling services?

Our experience, industry knowledge, design techniques, and integration of technology and innovation make us the best option for 3D character modeling services. You can check our successful project in our portfolio.

To what industries do you offer 3D character crafting services?

We offer 3D character crafting services to various industries, including manufacturing, designing, architecture, gaming, entertainment, and media.

How long does it take to design a 3D character model?

It depends on the project, but approximately, we need around 1 month to design a 3D character model.

  • 3 days for a simple, stylized character
  • 20 to 25 days for a photorealistic character